Rules of Etiquette

The following is a list of rules which should be followed by all of the Tae Kwon Do students of Master Ahn.

  1. Make sure to bow to the instructor and to the flags, whenever entering or leaving the training hall. (Hello: Anyoung ha saeyo; Goodbye: Anyounghee kae saeyo).
  2. When entering or exiting the actual training floor, make sure to bow to the flags and instructor (if present).
  3. Whenever addressing a senior rank, always use “sir” or “ma-am”, with their proper last name. Whenever given a command or answering a question, always use “yes, sir/ma-am”. as opposed to “yah”, “nah”, “nope”, etc.
  4. Students will line up in class according to ascending rank, with the highest rand in the front row, descending in rank to the left, and creating new rows from the right.
  5. When a student comes in late to class, he/she should wait in the back to be recognized, bow in, and then join the class in the back.
  6. During class, proper respect and discipline must be maintained at all times. When in a given position, do not move about, fix hair, wipe perspiration, etc. Maintain good eye control and ignore discomfort. Only when you are at ease may you take care of these things.
  7. Students should be sure to make a good impression of this art by keeping their uniforms and themselves clean and neat (trimmed nails, clean uniform, etc.)
  8. Whenever adjusting uniforms, make the proper salutations, then turn around to fix uniforms.
  9. Do not wear jewelry or any other metal objects in class (rings, watches, earrings, etc.)
  10. Do not lean on the walls or any other objects in class. When seated, sit up straight with hands in lap, not on the floor.
  11. Do not chew gum or swear in the training hall. Consider this a sacred area.
  12. Students must have the proper patches put on their uniforms by the time they attain their green belt.
  13. Students should make a legitimate effort to learn as many as possible of the Korean terms that are used in class.
  14. Students should keep a stretching log-book which will be obtained from their instructor at no charge. The goal is 60 minutes per week of stretching outside of class.  Each week, the student will bring their completed log-book to class for verification and signature by any instructor. Students who consistently fail to achieve 60 minutes of stretching per week must speak with the instructor about reasons behind this.

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