Class Requirements

In order for students to receive all the benefits of classes, they should arrive at least ten minutes early to prepare for class. Classes begin promptly at the scheduled times with a short period of stretching and warm-ups, followed immediately by training. For safety purposes, jewelry should not be worn during class and finger and toenails should be checked so that no one is scratched in class during sparring or during other physical contact.

Rank Testing

Testing will usually be held approximately every twelve weeks. Students will demonstrate for Master Ahn their kicking, sparring, breaking skills, one or more “forms” and knowledge of Tae Kwon Do history and tradition. Testing results are registered with the Ji Do Kwan Association and it leads to a fully licensed black belt rank recognized by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation. Testing results are usually announced within two weeks of the testing date.


All uniforms and sparring equipment must be Ann Arbor Tae Kwon Do School approved and purchased from the school. Each student should have the following gear by the time he/she reaches the green belt level: headgear, chest protector, shin/instep guards, forearm guards, mouthpiece and groin protection.

We also “free spar” in class in addition to learning kicks and punches. This provides the student with actual experience to use what he/she has learned. New students generally do “no contact sparring” where they do not actually strike an opponent and likewise are not struck. In a student continues the program, he/she may advance to limited contact sparring. Protective equipment  for this purpose is available.


Many students join the Tae Kwon Do program simply to learn self-defense or to have a fun, interesting workout. The School offers its students the chance to participate in both local and regional competitions. Children and adults can compete against students from other schools. Division for these matches are based on rank, age, size and sex.

Black Belt Club

The “Black Belt Club” is a program, which is more intense and competition oriented than our regular program. It requires the student to train with Master Ahn once each month individually and once each week in a specialized class. Black Belt Club membership is  required for those students who want to participate in regional tournaments.


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